About the Honey Do List Guy - and how he learned to fix just about everything

When you choose someone to work in your home, you should have confidence that you can trust them. It’s difficult to achieve that with someone you haven’t met; so this section is designed to tell you a little about us, in hopes that you’ll see that we’re ordinary people, capable and trustworthy.

My wife worked for over 20 years in "IT" - computer and network support - now, she maintains my web page. She loves to read, cook, be with our children and play with our grandchildren. She also enjoys photography, and watching movies (especially classics and romantic comedies). She sings tenor in our church choir. Before being sidelined by Lyme disease, she enjoyed riding on the Rail Trail.

I’m Ed. I met my wife in college in 1972; we married in 1975, and have two wonderful daughters and sons-in-law, and six grandchildren. I worked in sales (construction equipment), and then made reproduction antique chairs, tables, and other furniture. I’m also a licensed real estate agent. For fun, I play speed chess and go contra dancing at the Concord Scout House. I enjoy riding the Rail Trail, and sing bass in our church choir. I love bonsai, and have planted over 1000 bonsai seedlings of various species. I have served on the Littleton Neighborhood Supper board of directors, and participated in the suppers with my church group. I was also on the board of directors, and served as the treasurer, of the Acton Community Chorus (and sang with them for many years).

I learned how to fix things and build, by working with my father.

In 1948, as young kids with no money, my parents moved into what had once been a beautiful brick house, built in 1812. They were straight out of college and willing to take on the impossible job of fixing everything. The house had been rented for ten years and it was a wreck. For those ten years, the tenants had dumped the coal ashes from the furnace in the basement. When my parents arrived, the basement was completely filled with ashes. For the first two years of their life there, they spent weekends digging out the basement.

We never moved, if you can imagine that. I grew up involved in projects of every kind; either watching as a child, or helping as I grew older. My father had set up a workshop in the enormous old barn on the property. He was always happy to find a reason to need more tools and learn how to use them. He even tolerated me going into his shop and ruining his tools. I learned very young how to do almost anything around the house. But more importantly, I learned that doing the work was possible, and that it should be done right. By the time I left for college, the house and grounds were spectacular - and I had learned to use all my father's tools, and how to fix almost everything in the house.

At the time, I thought we were pretty ordinary, but today this kind of life is unheard of. We’re all so pressed with our jobs that we never have time for the endless little home repair jobs around the house - let alone remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. If that’s true of you, call The Honey Do List Guy. We’ll get your job done right, and at a fair price.