Bathroom Remodel - Tile to Marble

Ed's clients had water leaks in their 1997 tiled master bathroom.  The walls of the shower enclosure were waterlogged - soft and spongy; unfortunately, when that happens, the fix is to tear out the tile and the underlying wall, and replace all of it.

If this isn't done, the wall and floor rots and molds, and the damage can spread to studs and joists. Ed's clients decided to update the look at the same time they replaced the materials. The Tile Gallery (which also did the bathroom design) supplied the marble for the floors and walls.

Ed removed all the tile in the bathroom, and the shower walls. The rot had spread to the subfloor, so he remove and replaced that as well. Instead of "blueboard" in the shower, he uses Wedi board, which is completely watertight, and installed the marble over the Wedi.

Click the photo below to get a higher-resolution view (click it a second time after it has opened in a new window).


Here's what the bathroom looked like before renovation began:

The homeowners didn't like the tile on the tub wall
"Dated" shower enclosure; leaks visible bottom left and right
The homeowners didn't like the tile on the countertop, or the look of the built-in vanity and wallsize mirror


Here's what it looks like in process and toward the end of the renovation:

Here's the rot - the subfloor is totally gone.

Back of the shower wall being cut & spaced.

Setting the back wall on Wedi.
Shower drain on Wedi
Decorative detail through shower to tub
Shower floor detail
Another view of the accent tile
Granite "ledge" on tub wall
Completed shower
Shower floor showing threshold and glass
New vanity
View of the floor and new shower glass

Finished project - view of shower