Bathroom Remodel with Owner - Vinyl to Travertine

This is our daughter's family's 14-year-old house, which they had bought four years before, from a DIY remodeler who left them with two layers of flooring in the bathrooms. Houses in this development have quarter-round "shoe-molding" trimming every piece of baseboard. Below the quarter-round, there were large gaps between the edges of the flooring and the walls. Unfortunately, whenever water spilled onto a bathroom floor, the water collected in these gaps, and over the years, it seeped into both the quarter-round and also into the adhesive that attached the flooring to the concrete beneath it. After 14 years, the quarter-round had swollen, distorted, and discolored. Our daughter hated her bathrooms, especially the "shoe molding." Honey Do List Guy to the rescue!

To replace the original floor, she bought mixed-size travertine cutoffs and odd-size extras from another remodeler's project (CraigsList-$25). The challenge was to make this bundle of stone cover her entire bathroom floor. There were enough square feet, but the mix of sizes didn't work as it was (too many large rectangles and squares, not enough small ones). She's a graphic artist, and apparently inherited her dad's off-the-charts spatial skills, so in a few minutes she had designed a seemingly-random pattern of small, medium and large tiles that would use up all the material she had bought, and cover the entire floor. She cut the larger scraps and used a hammer to chip the cut edges so that all the edges would look the same.

She worked with her dad on this project; she cut all the tile, and did all the painting; Ed did all the tile marking and setting (with a little help from her 3-year-old, who loved telling Grandpa where the giant "puzzle pieces" belonged). By the time the new vanity (another CL find) was installed, our daughter was doing a happy dance.

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Here are shots showing the vanity, and the water damage to the walls and floor

The cantilevered vanity - note the quarter-round at the bottom of the baseboard molding, center-left
Water-damaged shower walls - and more wet quarter-round
Water-damaged quarter-round trimming the tub


Work in progress

Two layers of flooring - owners are allowed to repair their own plumbing in this state
The bottom layer is vinyl. The top layer is a wood laminate - what were they thinking?!
Travertine laid "dry"
Fitting it properly; tub seam sealed, damaged wall removed
Making sure the tiles are all flush and level


Stone set in "mud"
Stone set in "mud"
Grouted (still wet)
Grouted (still wet)
Grout now dry


Putting it back together
Precise fit to the tub
No threshold thanks to precise cutting and fitting
Tiles at the edge of the shower, cut and fit so that only a thin bead of caulk is needed
New baseboard molding, precisely cut and fit


Precise baseboard trim fitting
Thin bead of silicone between bedroom floor and bathroom floor
Nearly done...


Waiting for the vanity and top - the plaster repair has to dry before it can be painted.
Vanity installed; owner will cut remaining baseboard; mirror to be cut and reinstalled - they moved without sending us a photo of the completed project

You don't have to be family to have Ed do this kind of update for you!