Bathroom Remodel - 1960's Ranch

This is the "floors & doors" house - the 1960's ranch that started with the apparently random assortment of tile on the floors. The bathroom was seriously "dated" thanks to the tile and fixtures. The fact that it's built on a slab (with the pipes in the slab) limited the remodel options, but the owner wanted it modernized, and Ed obliged. Using contemporary tile, and replacing the tub with a contemporary shower, has made an enormous difference. The completed design has heavy glass shower doors, and of course a toilet and vanity.

The strip below is a low-res fast-load composite; if you have a good internet connection and want to see higher resolution photos, click the links in the text lines immediately below.

The "Before" shot is here.

The first "During" shot is here, and the second one (showing the floor) is here.

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Here's what the bathroom looks like now:

Bath-After-1    Bath-After-2