"Chicken Palace"  aka Hen House  (or Playhouse, according to the little girl who plays with the chickens)

Ed's clients designed the chicken house, had cut many of the pieces, and had assembled the base and installed it on its foundation; then they ran out of time.  

Ed cut the rest of the pieces, and finished building it in three days.  The clients' nine-year-old immediately saw its potential as a playhouse ... till the chickens moved in.  We'll check in on the chickens periodically over the next several months and see how they're doing ...

Click the photos below to get a higher-resolution view.

Beginning - Day 1

Clamping wall forms together

He used a level, too...

Nailing wall forms together

Nailing exterior siding to walls

End of Day 1

End of Day 2

Interior walls (insulated!)

Attaching roofing plywood

Roofing almost done

End of Day 3

2 weeks later