"Flooring and Doors"

This is a 1960's ranch with a hallway that connects all the rooms.  The previous owners had tiled this hall, and therefore every doorway had a threshold ("all the better to trip you with, my dear").  They had used four different tile colors and patterns and two different thresholds, all of which clashed with one another.  The client's goal was to remove the tile and replace it with a continuous wood floor that would go into all the rooms except the bathroom and kitchen, which would be tiled. 

Ed has just completed the bathroom, and expects to do the kitchen over the winter of 2013-2014. When we have photos of that, we'll add them to the Gallery.

This is an example of a job on which Ed and his client are working together, over time. She wanted to get the most for her money, and is able and willing to do a lot of the work herself.  Ed gets her started on the "easy stuff" and he does "all the tricky bits" - typically anything involving tight fitting (for example, the fitting around the doorways); the client did all the straight runs. 


Click the photo below to get a higher-resolution view in a new window.


Here's what the bathroom threshold and hallway tile looked like when he started this project:

Bath & Hall Tile

In addition to all the different floor treatments, all the thresholds, butting up against the hall tile, really accentuated the "chopped up" feeling.  

Here, half of the thresholds have already been removed, but you get the idea - this is our reference "before" shot:

Compare the shot above with the one below - they are of the same place in the floor! but looking at different angles.
Below, the threshold has been removed and the tile chipped out, and the new flooring is now down:

Flooring fitted around a doorway:

The gaps at the edges are covered by the frame itself or by wall molding. 

This shot shows that unifying the flooring and removing thresholds really does reduce the "chopped up" feeling that the house had before this makeover was begun.

And here's how it looks with frames and doors installed - compare this to the second photo in this series - that was the "before" shot; this is our reference "after" shot:

Ed would be happy to work with you on jobs like this, or to show you how to do a job, and get you started.