Kitchen Remodel - Old House Renovation

In 2012, Ed renovated the kitchen and adjacent floors of an old house.  The house is a composite - the original small 1900-vintage house, added onto repeatedly, in different places, over decades.  Each add-on was finished separately; the floors were all joined, but never leveled, and different materials and patterns were used in each addition.

The current owner originally called Ed for advice regarding how to re-light the living room addition.   He had further questions about paint color. That's one area in which we readily acknowledge there are other people who do that better than we do. Ed referred him to a designer we like working with, because her designs (and color choices) are truly inspired. 

The owner had already consulted with a kitchen designer about re-doing the kitchen; the plans were to replace the appliances, cabinets and countertops - basically "refreshing" exactly what was there, and leaving the floors as they were. 

Lydia submitted a counter-proposal that would make the kitchen more appealing with some changes, and that would make the entire first floor look much more "tied together" - but it would require more work.

The owner hired Lydia; in addition to tearing out everything in the kitchen, her plan specified tearing out all the old tile floors (three different tiles and patterns), leveling all the floors as much as possible, and then re-tiling with a single pattern throughout. In addition, there was a nonsensical strip of vivid tile in the dining room where a bay window had been added on; that tile was to be torn out and replaced with flooring to match the rest of the flooring in the dining room.

Lydia re-designed the kitchen, tearing out most of the wall between the kitchen and dining room, and placing back-to-back base cabinets on the floor. "Dead space" in a kitchen corner was repurposed with a built-in banquette (seating designed and built by Ed) and breakfast table which Ed made using a 1900's optician's table base and a top which he designed and finished. Wherever possible, he uses local suppliers. He had a local mill supply the wood, and another local cabinet shop do the millwork.  Finally, all the walls were repainted in a color scheme that unified the entire first floor.

Below are the before and after pictures.
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Before          &          After

These two shots were taken from roughly the same place.