Of course, he paints everything, not just stairwells! On most jobs, he's working as efficiently as possible, and there's nobody there to take pictures.  However, the homeowner was kind enough to take some photos, so this is the painting job we’re using for the gallery. 

The walls in this stairway had been wallpapered – unfortunately, we don’t have “before’” photos of this.  The wallpaper was old, and the homeowners wanted the stairway painted, but it was so steep and narrow that they felt it was too dangerous to do it themselves.  The homeowners were thrilled with the care Ed took doing the job, with his efficiency, and with the result.

Click the photos below to get a higher-resolution view (click it a second time after it has opened in a new window).

Ed removed the wallpaper (the first shot shows what it looked like after he removed the handrail, stripped off the paper, and spackled the imperfections the wallpaper had covered over). 

prepped stairwell

He loves using his Little Giant Ladder for jobs like this - the ends are individually adjustable, which gives him a stable platform on stairs, and it fits in tight spaces.



This maneuver is NOT endorsed by the manufacturer, and don’t try this on your own. (Maybe this belongs with "Why Women Live Longer than Men."  Good thing I wasn't there at the time!)  Ed has incredible balance, so he gets away with this. Don’t try this at home! This ladder is perfect for a stairwell – it gave him access to the entire space, including the ceiling and wall at the far end.

edging the wall


After he edges the corners with a brush, he rolls the rest.



As he finishes a section, he moves the ladder up to the next section.

ladder moves to new section


This was one of the reasons the homeowners didn't want to do this themselves.

tricky maneuver with the roller


Stairwell, completely primed.

primed stairwell


Walls completely painted, ceiling almost completed.

walls painted


View from the first floor.

view from first floor

Another view from the first floor.