Comments from satisfied clients

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[Ed] is a consumate perfectionist, a phenomenal carpenter and pays attention to the details like no one I have ever seen.  He is also a superb tile setter.  His name belies what he really does , because he is way more than just a "honey do list guy."  He is really pleasant, personable and always returns phone calls.  He also is a master furniture builder and has spent an enormous amount of time restoring antique homes and furniture. - LF

We recently hired him to do a total master-bath renovation for us. Ed's work is meticulous, and from a woman's perspective, I'm so glad he cleans up after himself at the end of every day. There isn't much he doesn't know how to do. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be pleased with the quality and scope of his work, and I highly recommend him. ... Thanks for highlighting our job on your website. It's cool to be a star! But better than that is the beautiful job…we love it! -- LV

...Whatever Ed does, he does extremely well. We had a tree fall on a section of the house and Ed did the repairs. He was willing to show my son how it was done and allowed him to do a section so that he could pass off a boy scout requirement for home improvement. Not many people would have the patience nor the desire to teach a young child.

Ed also worked with another son putting in a walkway and a set of granite steps. My son nicknamed Ed "Captain Safety Pants" because he was very aware of safety at all time and that the stones were about six feet long and extremely heavy requiring a tractor to move them. Ed wanted to make sure that my son was safe and the job was done well. Ed has also fixed hardware on our gates when our horses have destroyed them. (This was not a job I hired him to do...he was at the barn that day and saw it was broken and he repaired it because it needed to be done...he just couldn't leave it that way).

I don't believe there is anything that Ed can't do... . I also know Ed to be extremely honest and has the utmost in integrity. Ed could not leave a job unless it was done well and you were happy. Something else to consider, I have had workers around the barn that used foul language while students were around and their music was inappropriate, but with Ed that is never a problem.

So, in summary, you will be hiring a professional and wonderful man who takes pride in his work and will make sure you are happy before he leaves. I couldn't ask for more. Good Luck....and don't keep him too busy....I need him too! – RM


I wanted my kitchen re-done with open shelves and everything accessible. Ed tore everything out and together we redesigned it to meet my needs. We went together to pick out the replacement shelves and cabinets, and he installed it all. I love it! – DH

Your husband is a genius!! I mean, his ideas, the quality of his craft, his patience, demeanor & knowledge of home repair amazed me. I wish my boyfriend was that talented! We would be honored to have him back for a bathroom makeover & some simple electrical. Thank you again. I would recommend Ed with a 5 star rating! -- EJ

We had hired Ed for a few small jobs around our condo and were pleased with the results, so when we wanted to redo our kitchen, we were confident that he could do the job. Per Ed's recommendation, we ended up getting new cabinets to go with our new granite countertop and dishwasher, and the end result looks great! Ed was extremely thorough and professional, and made sure that we were happy every step of the way. - BD & JD

My basement floor was unfinished. I wanted vinyl tile, but was dubious about tiling around the 4” support pipe. I was stunned by the beauty of Ed’s work. The tile comes exactly to the support pipe, and every other place that was tricky to fit was done beautifully. He also cleaned up after himself – all I had to do was enjoy my floor. – CR

I hired a contractor to install kitchen cabinets. The doors were slightly crooked, and I’m not mechanically inclined. Ed adjusted everything so that they hang straight, and swing without binding. – RH

I had Ed update my kitchen with new countertops, and replace a tub with a custom shower. He did a great job on both of these projects, and he did them quickly. Both still look great years later. – MM

Ed was prompt, knowledgeable, and persistent in tracking down the hard to find parts that I needed. He did the installation efficiently - and was nice to my dogs ;>) – MM